To serve the Church in India as Evangelizing Communities in Education and in Pastoral in an environment conducive to spiritual, human and social development.

Claudine Thevenet

Foundress of Jesus and Mary





Strengthened in our commitment we provide the young and particularly the Poor with an education and give ourselves generously in supporting and accompanying our Students through collaborative initiatives in all aspects of their Human Formation.

Story About Us

We are internationally known as “Religious of Jesus and Mary"

Take a moment to focus on a ‘key personality’- a remarkable   personage, a Woman of Substance, Claudine Thevenet. Because of her, “Jesus and Mary Education” became possible. Our presence in India has been well over 199 years. Visit our Website to familiarize yourself with Claudine, her life and Charism. Draw insights from her greatness of soul and her Educational Pedagogy.

The Province of Pune consists of 16  Communities spread out in Pune, Mumbai, Ahmednagar , Goa and Timor Leste.

Provincial Councillors

Sr. Felicia Pereira


Sr. Arina Gonsalves


Sr. Shaila Pandit


Sr. Jennifer Pereira


Sr. Ursula Pinto


Youth Convention In Lyon, 19th – 22nd July 2018
The sessions were well planned. Beginning with the first day which was devoted to Claudine, the youth were requested to answer: WHO AM I? HOW DID I ARRIVE? WHO ARE WE ? WHERE DO WE COME FROM? Objective: That each young person becomes aware of how they feel about participating in this encounter, help them share and listen to other. They were made to colour Fans eg: With their Signatures ... an interesting activity was conducted with different senses (sense of touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing) so that they were open to the realities. Apart from that the other activities that took place were ‘Celebration of the Nations’-where each nation gave a glimpse of their culture and country.