The Story

About AFJM

ASSOCIATION OF Family of Jesus and Mary – AFJM

The Association of the “Family of Jesus and Mary”(AFJM) which was constituted in1981, at the time of the Beatification of St.Claudine, our Foundress, is an Association of the lay faithful who desire to share in the Charism of Claudine Thévenet, (Foundress)of the congregation of Jesus and Mary.Thus the FJM is closely linked to the Congregation. Sensitive to the call of the Church, the members remain in the world; share in the Ideal, Spirit and Apostolic Mission of the Religious of Jesus and Mary.

The 35th General Chapter of the Congregation in October 2006 approved it’s Statutes and recognized it as an Association. To date there are   74 groups with a total of 1273 members all over the world. In the Province of Pune we have 7 AFJM groups who are enthusiastic about their living and exercising their commitment.

The Manual

The title of the Hand Book of the Association is “LEAVEN, SALT AND LIGHT”. They speak of a deep involvement and full participation of the members in the affairs of the earth, the world and the human community” (CL 15), It’s aim is to enable the members to understand better the purpose of their membership, to deepen their Christian commitment in the light of the Charism of Claudine Thevenet, to live their daily lives according to the spirit of the Statutes and to promote the membership of the Family of Jesus and Mary others.