What is Juniorate?

The Juniorate is an important stage of initial formation; at the same time, it is a period when the junior sister prepares herself for perpetual profession, while continuing her spiritual, academic and professional formation .She also learns to devote herself joyfully to apostolic works and seeks to attain ever greater unity in her consecrated life.

The normal duration of this stage is five or six years. It may be extended for no more than nine years “During two years of these years she receives more intense formation under the direction of the Juniorate Mistress.” The second year may be that which immediately precedes perpetual profession, but if not there should be about two months preparation before this profession.

In these five to six years of the Juniorate

  1. The three years of academic studies.
  2. Two years of Intensive Juniorate.
  3. One or two years of Mission experience.
Programme of the Juniorate
  1. They have Morning Prayer which includes our Meditation followed by Lauds .After this we have the Holy Eucharist.
  2. As we follow the Ignatius Spirituality we make the Examination of Conscience in the afternoon and at night.
  3. We have evening prayer which includes our visit to the Blessed Sacrament, Spiritual Reading, Vespers followed by
  4. We have a Recollection day once a month.
  5. An Annual retreat of eight days is organized.
  6. Thursday’s and Sunday’s we have an hour of
  7. The first Friday of every month is a day of prayer, fast and penance for vocations.
Programme of the Juniorate

During the intensive Juniorate year the following study is done:-

  1. Constitution and the Application to the Constitution.
  2. We attend the Theology classes at JDV (Jnana Deep Vidyapeet).
  3. We study the “History of our Congregation”.
  4. We also read and study about the life of our Mother Foundress St. Claudine Thevenet .
  5. We read and study about the life of our Sister Blessed Dina Belanger.
  6. We read and study the life of Saints and have the presentations.
  7. Daily we have Liturgy class in which we read, reflect and share our insights and experiences.
  8. We read the Church documents in order to have more clarity about the church’s rules and regulations for religious life.
  9. We learn a foreign language i.e Spanish.
  10. Once a month they have Spiritual direction.
  11. Regular accompaniment is also given to the young junior sister.: 
Programme of the Juniorate
  1. Daily Yoga, keeps us healthy.
  2. We have choir practice twice a week.
  3. Once a week on a Sunday we visit the families in the neighborhood.
  4. Gardening
  5. We help and do some cooking in the kitchen twice a week.
  6. We help serving the senior sisters and help wherever and whenever needed.
  7. We have indoor and outdoor games regularly.
  8. Once a month they have Spiritual direction.
  9. Regular accompaniment is also given to the young junior sister.