Justice, Peace and the Integration of the Creation

Justice, Peace and the Integration of the Creation

We have undertaken a plethora of activities at the Province level to promote our education while subtly showcasing our priorities.It encompasses ,the field of Art, Social Awareness and Environmental Conciousness.Some of which include:

Speaking Walls

Pune Biennale Foundation is an organisation established to bring Art, Architecture and Design for enhancing visual aesthetics in Pune.The foundation works towards positioning Pune on the global Art Scenario by promoting local talent for Art in public spaces.The flagship activity of the foundation will be the Pune Biennale which represents an inclusive movement that makes Art more public and accessible and creates a new space for appreciation and education about artistic tradition.Acollaboration between Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune Biennale Foundation, Professional artists, art students and school children was the project : “SPEAKING WALLS” which aims to build a community of aesthetic citizens who are aware of the rich heritage of the city.
St. Joseph High School , Pashan, was invited to be a part of this great activity.
Thirty three of our students were a part of this project. They covered the Armament Colony Wall with the total length of 160 ft. and height 5 ft. , a total area of 800 sq. ft. and carried a message which is an integral part of our objective of living a life committed to Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.
The school received many accolades from the Pune Municipal Corporation and the Parent Body for the exemplary work put up by the students. It was indeed a great learning experience for our students.

Social Awareness Programme

The 71st Independence Day Celebration was filled with activities that aroused patriotism and pride in the heart of every individual. The activities too were chalked out in a manner befitting the day. One such major activity involved our sisters and students and youth of Our Parish. With a view to make people aware of orderliness and peace in the society, the youth and sisters controlled traffic at the Phugewadi Junction for 2 hours. Goodies were distributed to commuters wearing helmets and seatbelts. The awareness was brought about by holding colourful placards and banners.
What could a better way to instill the idea of justice, peace and harmony in nature ?
This activity made the youth aware of orderliness and the peace it brings along with being in harmony with nature.

Environmental Consciousness

The School conducted an awareness program about the fundamental rights and duties as well as the importance of planting trees and safe driving. The activity was a kaleidoscope in mime and music, and it was very powerfully portrayed .The thousand strong crowed of parents and students was mesmerized by the performance. It included the importance of the girl child by laying stress on gender equality. The harm caused by cutting down trees and its repercussions like sound pollution, noise pollution and air pollution besides climatic change. The danger involved in drunken driving and the merits of obeying traffic rules. The right to progress lies in education and it puts an end to exploitation in society. Making people aware of the beauty of unity and diversity. Each one aptly reaching out to the third priority and very strongly committed to Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation.