Khandala Houses

Khandala House

Convent of Jesus and Mary

House of Prayer, Nun’s Hill

Khandala – 410 301

Maharashtra, India.

House of Prayer : 02114 – 269130

Convent Villa : 02114 – 269131

Prayer House and Bombay House

The old Villa originally purchased in 1901 was used as a holiday home for the Pune Convent Community. It was later demolished to serve a better need. The House of Prayer was built on the plinth area in 1975 and ever since, it has proved a tremendous boon.

Nesting amidst the beauty and serenity of nature, the venue offers a homely atmosphere of quiet and facilities for prayer where many experience the tangible presence of God and the protection of Mother Mary from the Rosary Garden and the Grotto, on the hill along side.

The “Bombay House” at the rear end of the hill, purchased in 1932 was also a holiday home for the Clare Road Community and now serves the growing need of various Groups since 1983.

Both Houses lend themselves to a beautiful experience in this oasis of tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of city life and leave the place with happy memories refreshed and revitalized. Annually the Sisters cater to approximately 900 people in the House of Prayer and to over 3000 in the Bombay House.


A non-stop ministry, for this community which has been at the service of the Church since 1974. Various groups of Religious, Priests, Laypersons, Youth come for Prayer days/Retreats, Recollection days. Others come for Family Fellowship, Seminars, Picnics, Conferences, Camps and the like, of which there is both a great need and demand all year round. The Sisters reach out to all with warmth, cheerfulness, generous service  and hospitality.

Strength: 2400 children Motto: “With God for God” Anthem : Oh Alma Matter