What is Pre-Postulancy ?

The pre-postulancy is provided as a special help for certain candidates who express the desire for a progressive orientation towards religious life. It is not obligatory, but can prove useful in certain regions and circumstances. The religious responsible for these young persons, keeps in contact, seeks to know them, and accompanies them in their search.


  • Continuing discernment of the perceived call to religious life.
  • Confirming and strengthening that call where it is judged authentic.
  • Helping the pre-postulant to acquire the knowledge and affective maturity necessary to benefit from the formation offered in postulancy.

Increasing the candidates knowledge of the Congregation, and the congregation’s knowledge of the candidate.

Core Values

  • Experience of God and the Charism
  • Growth of the Human Person
  • Reality of the World
  • Ignatian Spirituality