Prize Day 2017-18 St. Joseph High School, Pashan

"Through the Eyes of Claudine

Prize Day 2017-18 St. Joseph High School, Pashan


Our School presented “Through the Eyes of St. Claudine” an authentic portrayal depicting the life and legacy of this great daughter of France and her ideals through a series of enlightening displays and celebratory dances.
We brought to life HER LIFE and the values she cherished so dearly. Throughout the programme the audience was treated to frozen tableaus, enactments, PowerPoint presentations and mesmerizing dances. A maximum number of students took part in this one of a kind biography of our foundress St. Claudine.

The Choir

The Choir welcomed the august gathering with a splendid rendition of the song “Together we can change the world”
Every Class journeyed with St. Claudine, shedding light on the different aspects of her life and celebrated her virtues through dance.

The Class Performance

Class V presented two scenes describing the birth and early childhood of Claudine. This was followed by a lively dance to the song “I was born” which expressed the value joy.
Next came Class VII who dramatized the sad and tragic events in Claudine’s life. Her brother’s violent death was the turning point for her. From then on, all her life the supreme recommendation of her two brothers re-echoed as a constant appeal: “Forgive, as we forgive”. The students performed an enchanting dance on the song “Forgiveness” which brought out this value poignantly.
Std VI enacted the new stage in Glady’s life, till she finally took her vows at St. Nizier’s Church and officially became a member of the religious. They danced to the song “Keep holding on” portraying the value compassion.
Std VIII presented Claudine’s ideal to make God known and loved by means of a Christian education in all social milieu. They also focused on how the sisters set sail for distant shores, their remarkable journey to India, and their enterprise of opening the first boarding school. The students brought out the unflinching zeal and courage of the sisters as they danced to the song “The Climb”.
Class IX brought to life, the expansion of the congregation in our country and the establishments of various institutions. Various scenes focused on the fact that the sisters never hesitated to go where God called them and became embodiments of charity and love. They performed a vibrant dance to the song “I will follow”.
In the portrayal we journeyed with our Mother Foundress St. Claudine Thevenet from her childhood to this day. We have been inspired by her simplicity and magnanimity. Our wish today is that we carry on her work with fidelity to her cause and be true to her spirit. We at St. Josephs’ will never be strangers to the ideals of St. Claudine. It is our duty to uphold them. By the grace of God, we have been able to do so under the guidance and nurturing of our sisters of the community. To their very end they have personified the virtues of St. Claudine and followed her ideals by looking at the world through her eyes. In a fitting tribute we took the time to celebrate the gift of this illustrious daughter of God, who, we believe, is looking down with love upon us, her family.
Standard X then presented a befitting finale as homage to our beloved foundress. They performed a medley of three dances, which brought out the virtues of strength, seeing the light and being the greatest.

The Conclusion

The programme concluded with the choir singing a hymn to St. Claudine. Our amazing team of artists, backstage helpers, voice overs, narrators, commentators, coordinators, deck operators and tech savvy girls made an invaluable contribution to this event, making it a grand success.

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