A One and Half day Seminar from 8th – 9th September was organized for the sisters of the Province. This was a repeated Seminar that was conducted for the Superiors and Principals in the month of July 2018. The Resource person was Fr. Jossie D’Mello S.J.
Around 33 participants from various communities of the Pune Province participated in this Seminar.
The seminar began with the prayer conducted by Sr. Magdalene and Sr. Mark came forward to light the Diya. Sr. Jennifer introduced father and Sr.Ida felicitated him a bouquet of flowers.
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The Seminar began with the theme “Prayer is a tool for Apostolic Discernment. We as Religious are called to be Apostolically Effective.”
There are 4 Types of Religious:
• Self- conscious Introverts
• Task- oriented extroverts
• People-oriented extroverts
• People-oriented Introspectionists
• We are called to be of the 4th category (People-oriented Introspectionists)
– The Religious who are with the people, but are persons of depth.
Father led us to make a spiritual journey into ourselves – asking us to reflect:
• What is the goal of my life
• Where do I look for the happiness in my life
After sharing this reflection with the person sitting next to us, father explained the Dynamics and nature of a True Self and a False Self.
 True-self is God and other oriented
 False-self is Self-centered
• Message of True-Self : You are somebody because God Loves you.
You are beloved of God.
With the Abba Experience of Jesus (Core-grace) is received
We receive Positive vibrations and gratitude from the past experience

• Message of False-Self: Self-worth, dignity, happiness all lies on the external sources.
Few passages from the Ignatian sources were read and discussed through which Father explained the journey of St. Ignatius Loyola in attaining the Grace of Spiritual Discernment. With many examples of our daily life and with the reference to life of Ignatius Father explained that Authentic Prayer leads to Inner Freedom. He further explained the Importance of Prayer, Its Review and Examine of Consciousness.


A hand-out of “COMING HOME” – A prayer exercise was given out for our personal reflection after which the sharing with the companion next to us was done.
The Basic of Spiritual Conversion was explained –
• Active Listening
• Speaking from the heart
• Trust
• Freedom
• Facilitator
The Steps for Spiritual Conversion are as follows :
• Personal Prayer
• Review
• First Round/ Personal round of sharing
• Second Round / Reflective sharing
• Second Round / Prayerful pause to go to the Third Round
• Third Round – Discussion
• Sharing – In favor or against
• Conclusion : With a Prayer
Apostolic Discernment in Common: This topic was dealt with an example.
• In personal Discernment, one discerns about which way of Life one has to choose.
• In Community Discernment, the group discerns about the issues pertaining to mission.


Case Studies were given to be discussed in groups – The entire group was divided in 6 groups with a Moderator and a Secretary. Each group discussed two case studies and then the entire group met for Presentation and feed-back from Fr. Jossie.
In the last session Fr. Jossie explained the Points to be kept in mind while choosing a Delegate for the Chapter.
Then he beautifully summarized the one and half day session.
The Seminar ended with a Vote of Thanks by Sr. Remidina and the Thank You card was given away by Sr. Mark Fernandes RJM

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