St. Felix High School -Annual Day Report

St. Felix High School Annual Day Report

"Serving with Love"


On the 30th and 31st of August 2018, St. Felix High School had their Annual Day Programme and Prize Distribution Ceremony for the Primary and Secondary section. The theme was ‘Serving with Love’. The Chief Guests on both the days were Sr. Lucy Kurien, Founder of Maher( home for the destitute) and Mr. and Mrs. Patekar, proud parents of Samruddhi Patekar who was the school topper( 97.20 % ) in the S.S.C. Board examination in March 2018.


The programme commenced with a graceful prayer dance followed by the Primary section welcoming everyone in song. To commemorate the Bicentennial Jubilee of The Congregation of the Religious of Jesus and Mary, a meaningful powerpoint presentation, summarizing the life and works of St. Claudine, was displayed. The School Annual Report, that followed, creatively showcased all the activities conducted during the previous academic year 2017-2018.


The highlight of the evening, however, was the Hindi play ‘Seva Hi Manushya Ka Pehla Dharm’. The play portrayed the life of an old woman who ends up being in an old aged home. Having lost her husband at a young age, she struggles to bring up her son on her own. Putting his interests and future at the forefront she even mortgages her home in order to send him overseas. However, caught up in this materialistic world the son forgets the sacrifices of his mother and does not keep in touch for several years. Thankfully a letter eventually makes him realize what a selfish human being he has been. The play ends on an emotional note with the son returning to India and reuniting with his mother. The powerful message of serving others, especially those in our homes, reached the audience.
The Secondary school choir ended the programme with the song ‘Let it start with me’ asking everyone present to take that first step to make a difference in the world. All who attended the programme left the auditorium teary-eyed.

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